Danner & Associates is based in McLean, Virginia.  The firm's practice is concentrated primarily in the areas of nonprofit association law, estate planning, business law, and trademark registration.  It has attorneys admitted to practice in Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Indiana.
     Danner & Associates is committed to providing top-notch legal services for its clients.  The hallmark of Danner & Associates has always been, and will continue to be, its responsiveness to client needs in a timely and professional manner.  We pride ourselves in our ability to develop and maintain a personal, yet professional, relationship with our clients.

Nonprofit Associations

    Danner & Associates has represented nonprofit associations in a wide range of issues since its formation in 1992.  Pamela Beck Danner, the firm's founder, has represented associations in private practice for more than thirty years.  The firm currently serves as General Counsel for several associations.  Pamela Beck Danner has been a member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) since 1992, and served on the ASAE Legal Section Council from 1998 to 2001.  Her involvement with ASAE includes presenting educational seminars and writing for the ASAE magazine, Association Management.

    The firm's representation of nonprofit associations includes advising the associations on all aspects of the law, including, but not limited to, the areas of antitrust, product liability, and employment law, as well as providing legal review of contracts, documents and association activities to ensure compliance with the association's own governing documents in addition to applicable laws and regulations.  Other typical association matters which the firm handles on a frequent basis include drafting and reviewing vendor and hotel contracts and proposed office leases; obtaining registration of trademarks; and advising on potential liability issues arising from the maintenance and operation of Web sites.  In addition, we have assisted in the development of certification programs, codes of ethics and employee handbooks, and have represented association clients in litigation and arbitration.  We also typically represent our association clients by serving as counsel at Board of Director meetings, Executive Committee meetings and other key meetings where we provide, among other things, antitrust compliance guidance.  We often draft or review the agendas and minutes of such meetings before distribution.

    Danner & Associates understands the potential liability risks associated with associations who are standards developers and have manufacturing companies as members.  The firm served as counsel to one association client in successfully obtaining its dismissal as a co-defendant from products liability lawsuits based upon claims in connection with member products.  In these cases, the firm successfully obtained coverage of the legal fees associated with defending the association from the association's insurance carrier.  We have also assisted with the conduct of industry surveys conducted to obtain information for standards setting purposes or rebuttal while at the same time maintaining the confidentiality of the individual member data.     In her representation since 1989 of another association client, Ms. Danner has handled a wide variety of issues including the drafting and negotiation of the association's joint venture agreement, and subsequent amendments, to put on an annual industry trade show.  For other association clients, Danner & Associates has also reviewed and negotiated hotel contracts for their meetings and conferences.  In addition, the firm has experience in reviewing association insurance policies to ensure that its clients are adequately protected.

    Danner & Associates also has significant experience in setting up and representing foundations.  Our legal services in this respect have included, inter alia, drafting corporate documents, filing appropriate incorporation documents, applying for and obtaining 501(c)(3) tax exempt status as a publicly supported organization, handling intellectual property rights and developing several certification programs.

    In its representation of an association client, the firm set up its affiliated foundation.  Our legal services in this respect included drafting all applicable corporate documents, including articles of incorporation and bylaws; filing all appropriated documents with the Secretary of State to incorporate the foundation; applying for and obtaining 501(c)(3) tax exempt status; and applying for registration of the foundation's service mark.  In addition to handling another foundation client's intellectual property rights, the firm set up several certification programs, including a program to certify manufactured home communities.  One aspect of this representation included ensuring that the foundation would afford appropriate due process in its various certification program procedures.

    Danner & Associates is uniquely qualified to provide quality legal services to nonprofit associations.  Pamela Danner's thirty year history of representing associations in private legal practice has provided her with a broad-based wealth of knowledge and experience with which to effectively service the firm's association clients.  
Estate Planning

    Danner & Associates regularly counsels clients on the many options available for the preservation, management and transfer of their property both during lives and after death.  We pride ourselves on our personal approach to servicing our clients and view each client's particular needs as unique.  Danner & Associates seeks to create an individual estate plan for each client which accomplishes that client's goals while minimizing his or her estate tax liability.

    While the attorneys at Danner & Associates often prepare comprehensive estate plans for both individuals and couples, we also prepare individual documents as needed, such as advance medical directives, general durable powers of attorney, simple wills, wills with trusts, and revocable and irrevocable trust documents.  Our estate planning clients range from individual retirees living on fixed incomes who are concerned with becoming unable to manage their assets as they age,  to couples with several million dollars in assets seeking to preserve their wealth for future generations.

    The attorneys at Danner & Assoicates participate in the McLean Estate Planning Council.  Ms. Danner was appointed by Governor Warner to serve as the Escheator for the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit.

Business Law
    Danner & Associates provides both established and new businesses with the full range of legal services.  We have assisted numerous clients in establishing their businesses, advising on the advantages and disadvantages of the various options for structuring the business venture, including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.  We prepare, and file if necessary with the applicable governmental agencies, the appropriate legal documents necessary to establish the business entity.  These include documents such as Articles of Organization, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Partnership Agreements.  

    In addition to assisting our clients in choosing the business entity appropriate for their circumstances, Danner & Associates provides ongoing legal services to the established business.  Typical business matters which the firm handles on a frequent basis include drafting and reviewing contracts, including leases and subleases, employment contracts, buy/sell agreements, nondisclosure agreements, vendor contracts; providing legal review of personnel manuals and other internal policy documents; obtaining registration of trademarks; and personnel and employment law matters.  We also assist our business clients by providing legal review of their Web sites and advising them on potential issues arising from the maintenance and operation of their Web sites.  Danner & Associates has represented business clients in litigation and arbitration.